Custom face comes out pixelated

  1. What do you want to achieve? Custom face to be appear clear rather than pixelated

  2. What is the issue? Custom face comes out pixelated after changing textures

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? i tried using rbxassetid and it didn’t work.

Now i do not know if this is my script’s fault or the face itself because the face appears clear in the site but in game it comes out pixalated
Here’s the face in game:

and in the site:

I can provide the script that changes the face if needed.


Try making it bigger; If something changes (the face becomes less pixelated in-game), then the problem here is the image size; If not, check the ResampleMode if it’s set to ‘Pixelated’.

If you are using a model with a Humanoid instance, then it will have a tendency to screw up the decal’s details. Use an invisible head slightly larger (0.003 on each axis) than the actual head, and place the face there. Connect and parent the fake head to the actual head, so it doesn’t fall out of place.


Try to change format using a photo editor maybe jpeg will work

So I think why the face’s come pixelated is because of the compression system, same thing goes for PBR textures.

Was the decal applied to a character (or something with humanoid) when you took a screenshot?

Yes, i destroyed the old default face and applied the new face with

I will try and resize the face image to 1000 by 1000 and see if anything is different.

R6 characters use a compression method that does this to faces, you can make an invisible duplicate of the players’ head and weld it to the real head, then put the face in that


Worked! Thank you!