Custom Filter System!

Custom Filter System

Hello, today i want to share my custom filter system!

I made the simple version but you can make it advanced,

You can edit this system because this open-sourced but if you want edit this system and you want share on any platform please give my credit!

Roblox Model

Roblox Model: Custom Filter - Roblox

Ingame photo


Can you give more of an explanation on what the system does?

I can’t really tell by just looking at the image.

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I think the word no got automatically marked as red/deleted.

If this doesn’t add on to the roblox default filter it will get your game moderated.
Does it filter like that correctly?


Are you sure coz i dont think its secure

this script replacing chat message its custom filter system and its not deleting roblox’s default filter cuz this script using chat its not custom chat

The scripting is pretty bad:

  • The “no” on its own does get moderated, however when you type “yeah no but” it isn’t moderated. This can easily lead to people being able to bypass with swear words by just adding "a " in front.
  • Will you go through every combination of the censored words? Let’s say a censored word is “Fruit”. Will the following be censored: “fruit”, “fRuIt”, “frU1t” “FRUIT”, etc.?
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this script is very simple and anyone can edit it as they want, this script is not an advanced script

what does this exactly do? I cant tell from the forum

Seems like it’s meant to be a custom chat filter? Maybe a replacement for the default.

It must not replace the default filtering system, as that would result in moderation consequences for the game.
Roblox would only allow a custom filter if it is applied with the default filter.

Then maybe it’s some kind of visual overhaul.