Custom fonts with Defaultio's Rich Text Markup Module?

What the title says. Is there a way to add custom fonts to Defaultio’s Rich Text module? I already know about EgoMoose’s Rbx_CustomFont module which I have been using for non-animated text like menu buttons, etc, but since both the Rich Text module and the Custom Fonts module make their own frames with their own textlabels for each letter in the text (in the Rich Text module it’s divided in lines, with word groups with each letter inside as a text label, and in the Custom Font module it’s all in a frame called _background inside the textlabel, with all letters inside as image labels) so I doubt they’d work together.

I know I could use “MaxTextGraphemes” property in TextLabels or whatever it was called but:

  1. I don’t think it’s supported with the custom fonts module, since it was last updated 6 or 7 years ago
  2. I want to use advanced effects and custom entrance animations that I have in the Rich Text module, and having to only run 1 simple command to actually have the text start being animated is just way simpler for me than having to have multiple functions etc etc

There’s a very low chance of this working.
Your best bet would be to just rewrite everything to work together.

Oof, that’ll take a while considering I’m not very good at scripting. Ig I’ll try to do that later