Custom Group Developer Access Settings

There was a feature released relatively recently that I found quite useful. It allowed for group owners to set individual game permissions, such as giving certain developers access to a specific group game rather than the entire group’s game portfolio at large.

However, I have not been able to find this feature recently. Has it been removed or just relocated? It was previously under ‘Game Settings’ in Studio. I would really miss it if so because it was quite useful.


If you haven’t already, make sure Team Create is on:


Then, navigate to Game Settings:

Head to Permissions and click on the arrow by your Group:

Here, you can set permissions by role.

If Team Create is Off, you’ll be greeted by this in the Permissions settings:

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I don’t see the tab labelled ‘permissions’ for some reason.

This is a beta feature. You can enable it by going to File -> Beta Features and enabling the feature with “Permissions” I’m currently on my phone so I’m not sure what the full name of the feature is.

Thanks, didn’t realize it was just a beta feature to begin with. Not sure how it was reset or even turned on in the first place, but I’ve turned it on again.