Custom GUI Grid System

Custom Grid System

A completely customized version of the UIGridLayout

Hi! Welcome to a new era of managing where GUI elements are placed in a Frame. This system comes equipped with a plethora of configurations and settings to customize your grid exactly how you need it.

Notable Features:

Animated positioning, scaling, and "cornering"

When tiles are positioned, scaled, or a corner is given to them, each of those properties can be animated in the configuration.

Movable tiles (PC ONLY)

If enabled, tiles will be able to be held down and will enter move mode and can be re-positioned in the grid. Tiles around the selected tile will move based on where the selected tile is positioned.

Works with ScrollingFrames (BETA)

If the selected parent frame is a ScrollingFrame, the tiles will automatically increase the CanvasSize of the ScrollingFrame, allowing for more tiles to be added to the grid.

WARNING: Currently tiles are not movable with dynamic grids, however, this is a feature coming soon.

WARNING: Tiles are sometimes stretched too far or not positioned properly with the system when dynamic grids are enabled.

Here is a video going over all of the features: VIDEO


  • GRID_X & GRID_Y - The grid size on the X and Y axis.
  • PADDING_X & PADDING_Y - The padding (in pixels) between each tile.
  • DYNAMIC_X & DYNAMIC_Y - The directions the grid can expand. (Only with ScrollingFrames)
  • AUTO_NAME_TILES - Gives tiles with a non-numerical name a number ID.
  • IGNORE_OBJECT_NAMES - Ignores the given names of tiles.
  • RESIZE_TILES - Resizes tiles to match their converted tile size.
  • DESTROY_UNFIT_TILES - Destroys tiles that aren’t rescaled. (Hidden if false)
  • AUTO_CORNER - Applies the same corner radius to each tile.
  • CORNER_RADIUS - The corner radius to apply to every tile.
  • (Animation configurations are self explanatory)
  • MOVEABLE - Tiles can be moved by holding down on them for a certain amount of time.
  • HOLD_TIME - The amount of time (in seconds) to enter move mode after holding down on a tile
  • FADE_OUT - Fade the tile being moved so it is easier to spot
  • FADE_AMOUNT - The opacity of the tile being moved

FREE MODEL available HERE.