Custom gun system

A few hours ago, I made a gun system, and I’d like to know what you guys think about it. This isn’t the most advanced system you’ll see in your life, but it works really well in my opnion.

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Very basic, like you stated not the best I’ll probably see lol. Its a great start though, just needs more work.

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Everyone starts somewhere, Its a functional gun and thats a start

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Wow, Still i really like your work! though, Although, that is a really great character, to use on fighting that invisible, guy i am very impressed, on that work! and i say you are good at it!

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Nice job, I made my first gun a few days ago too and it started just like that… one thing I’d do is, when you run the Part.Hit event, if it hits a Player/NPC destroy the bullet, in the video the bullet continues to go through the player. Also, did you use a TweenService for it?

Thanks! Also, the bullet is being destroyed, I don’t know why it doesn’t destroy immediately on touch.

To answer your question, I used vectors to calculate the direction and velocity of the bullet, and I used the BodyVelocity object to make the bullet go in that direction. I didn’t use TweenService at all while making it.