Custom Hat/Accessory Guide for Humanoids

I’ve had a lot of trouble that could have been avoided if I found a guide, but I couldn’t seem to find one anywhere so I’ve decided to make one just so other people don’t have to guess and check like me.
This is my first guide so it might be a little hard to understand so I’m sorry in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I Like to open a fresh studio window to keep it organized and to avoid any bugs
  2. Get yourself a dummy. dummy.rbxm (10.7 KB)
  3. Match this hierarchy, place your custom hat inside a fresh Accessory object, and name it “Handle” then parent an Attachment to it.
  4. What is this accessory going to be attached to?, Each part in the character has an attachment or two.
    The accessory will be attached to that part at the attachment position.
    Name the attachment to the same attachment name that you want to attach it to.
  5. Cut&Paste the entire accessory into the dummy, and then refresh the dummy, The way I refresh the dummy is by doing ctrl+x followed by ctrl+v
  6. Afterwards it’s as simple as moving the attachment in the accessory to get it positioned properly

Other things:
Multi-Part accessories -
You can make an accessory multiple parts, commandscript.lua (556 Bytes) Here’s a simple weld script to help you with that. Mult-part accessories are the same process, except every other part is parented to handle, as long as these parts are welded to the main handle it should work fine.

Giving accessories with scripts -
You can only give a dummy an accessory from the server, if it’s done on the client it won’t weld properly. So you’d have to do your own welding and not rely on humanoids.

Accessories must originate from some storage, I’ve had bad luck cloning an accessory from a different character and pasting it into the desired character.

If you ever encounter anything weird try restarting studio or opening a new studio window.

Feel free to ask any questions or correct me on anything.