Custom hat not coming on head?

Hi there!

  1. I cant find a reason the hat is not going on top and just spawning where it was when i put it in replicatedstorage

  2. The video of it is below any help is always helpful!

The Code is down below from startercharacterscripts where the event fires,

local event = game.ReplicatedStorage.GiveHalo
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local halo = game.ReplicatedStorage.Halo
local plr = script.Parent
	local haloclone = halo:Clone()
	haloclone.Parent = plr

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The main issue is that the halo is lacking a HeadAttachment which is essential for the accessory to automatically position itself and weld it as accordingly.

ive already had an headattachment or an hatattachment and it didnt work

Maybe it’s not replicated on client. Try running that on server instead.

Try welding it instead. It should be pretty easy. Have it welded on plr.CharacterAdded

im not going for the halo when u join its ment for a gamepass and im testing the event for it to work

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Anyways, it should be done in a server script. Otherwise, no one will be able to see the halo but the player who is wearing it.

i changed it into a server script

well the server script with onserverevent doesent work

nevermind i fixed it while making new instances

Even if your solution worked, accessories aren’t welded to the head on the client, only on the server. This should give you a better hindsight. Humanoid:AddAccessory does not work with FE from a LocalScript - #4 by TheGamer101

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that solution is near what i did but the instance had problem so i cloned a free weld from replicatedstorage