Custom Highlighting

As a developer is hard (not that hard tho but you will understand the point through out this post) for me to organize my code. I want to have a tool to add a custom highlighting (Color) to a word. Let’s say I want to create special functions like the one made in C++ switch, let’s also say the function is completely ready for use and I use many times through out the code. Now here is the thing, I know is not that hard to find the words but I would like to give it a color to them, like blue, green, red, yellow, etc. I don’t want to assign custom functions to words, I just want to add a color to them, cuz the code looks dead with just red, white, and blue.

It doesn’t matters if I go to another script and the word is highlighted as well. I just care about having them highlighted. In short I just want a way to highlight a piece of a text because is hard to find or to see some important functions or variables. I will appreciate it a lot, if you guys don’t feel good or don’t like the idea with this it’s ok, but a lot of thanks if you make it. :relaxed:


1- Select the piece of string.
2- Right click on it.
3- Highlight Button.
4- Chose a color
5- After choosing the color and clicking accept, all the scripts with that word will get the specific word highlighted in it when accessing. (meaning if I do it to a word for example switch and I choose green. All switch words in every script will get highlighted. :smiley: ).

Thank you, focasds.