Custom Hotbar / Toolbar - Open-Source

Hello, I’m a bit tired of making this descriptions to what I’m releasing, but as they’re necessary, here I go:

I’m releasing a custom hotbar / toolbar where I just customized the code that “thebrickplanetboy” did, nothing much.

His original post: Remastered 2015 Backpack Gui

Thanks to him, I was able to easily customize the roblox original hotbar.
Anyway, here it is.

Image of it:
unknown (2)

Video of it, if needed: Custom Hotbar / Toolbar - Released - YouTube


  • Insert the model into your place;
  • Move the model to StarterPlayerScripts;
  • Ungroup the model inside StarterPlayerScripts;
  • You’re ready to go.


Thanks for the attention and take care!


Never seen someone could make a good gui like this

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All thanks to the 20 hours you spent coding this all.


can you change the gui properties and redesign it urself? I dont see any ScreenGuis in the model so idk how to change them

The UI is very basic, it’s not much of an improvement from the default Roblox UI. I personally wouldn’t use this. However, with a bit of styling, this could be made far better than it is right now.

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It’s because it’s made inside the script, you can see how I customized this one by looking at the one @thebrickplanetboy did.

What I did was just customize a bit the work thebrickplanetboy had done already, how it works was not made by me. So the styling part now is completely in the hands of whoever wants to and can understand a bit of coding.

I’m sad that this is customized inside the script, would be much better if it was already a customized gui…

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