Custom Hotbar/HUD help

I’m sorry if this comes under the wrong category, I have no clue what this would come under.
I am trying to change the background on the tools, it would do the same thing when you press 1 it just feels out of date so I made a simple drawing to put behind it, however I do not know how to change the background on it.
Here’s a example of what I’m talking about.



I am starting from the begging of this, so I have nothing done so far a list of directions would be amazing!

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If you’re on about how you change the background of an image. Then go to the properties of the image, there are multiple properties on background, eg background transparency. If not could you go further into what you mean as I don’t fully understand.

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I mean, I would like to change the hot-bar in general so it has a image behind the text example when you press 1, it will still give you the item.
And the background behind the hot-bar item is custom.

Well then you can just put another image there or change the properties of the background.

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I will give that a go and see how it does.

How do I change the properties of the background on a hot-bar item?

Picture example

There are a lot of tutorials on youtube about this
For example :

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