Custom humanoid name and health not displaying

So I have a custom humanoid. I can damage it and kill it but the health bar never displays and the name never displays.

For example:

Humanoid Settings:


Model Settings:


HumanoidRootPart settings:


Forgot, I added a Torso:


Still no dice.

What am I doing wrong? Ive done custom humanoids before and they have displayed their names so I am confused.

Maybe change the “DisplayName” to whatever you want it to be named.

Yea still no dice. image

Health doesnt display when damaged either

This is because the head is transparent. If you want to make the head invisible and still show the name and health you should add a mesh to it and set the scale to 0


Oh crap thats right. Let me check.

Maybe change the display name and then health display type to AlwaysOn?

Oh man I totally forgot about that. That was it:


I set the Heads transparency to 0.99 and that fixed it.

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You could still use a GUI, making it look nicer.

Yea I changed it to Billboard GUI anyways since I have color teams in my game. However, I still needed the health bar to display.

local Health
--health code here idk
script.Parent.Text = health.."% HP remaning!"

script.Parent.HealthBar.Size =, health, 0, y pixels)

another option if you want a visual and not only text