Custom Icons for Forums

Hello, I’m the build guy, and I feel it would be cool if we could be a bit more expressive, and upload images as our icons on the forums, instead of just our avatar. I feel like just a front facing avatar is a bit plain. If we could upload a custom picture, for custom lighting, backgrounds, poses, or art as our profile picture on the forums, it will allow for slightly more expression.

I’m posting this at night and am a bit tired, so sorry if my reasoning is bad.


I personally wouldn’t agree with an entire custom icon, since we know how that will go, but maybe changing the camera angle is understandable and I’d personally want that for my dragon avatar :pensive:

This would probably be better off implemented on the main website, since on every login it grabs info from the main website to use here.


I would agree with your idea, but this will go wrong very very quickly, and you probably know what would happen. If there was a post approval for the images, then I might change my mind, but this could also go bad when you think about all the stress post approval had on the moderators. I think the best solution for now is @incapaz’s idea with the customizable angles.


@incapaz @Friendly4Crafter
You can already upload images to the forum with no form of post approval. Having it as an icon doesn’t seem like a far leap to me.


You can’t flag user profiles, so the only option left is to contact the developer engagement team, where you can expect longer waiting times vs flagging. It doesn’t scale.


Okay, considering both @incapaz, @Friendly4Crafter and I would probably be just mostly what they said, but allow us to apply a pose of some sort as well, such as like choose an animation, and it will select the first frame of the animation as a pose, or have it animated. Maybe even allow for custom lighting.

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While the idea is great in a perfect world, we aren’t in a perfect world. Trolls are just gonna make their profile picture some NSFW image

If this ever does get implemented, if they do set it to a NSFW image, then moderation could maybe delete their DevForum and Roblox account, but at that point, the damage would’ve been done already

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They could just make it so you have to use a Roblox decal as your profile picture. That would pretty much solve any moderation issues.


i like seeing who i’m talking to, there’s a huge gap in income (and therefore opinions) between someone wearing a sshf and a valk and someone wearing stylish aviators

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I feel personally attacked…


Custom profile pictures aren’t a good idea. They’d ruin the simplicity and nature of the site. Everything related to Roblox has always been represented by your avatar. It’s like instead of an actual person on a photo.

Your avatar = Who you want to be on Roblox

Enabling custom profile pictures would bring more customization options, but keep in mind that this is and will be a Roblox related website. In my opinion it would make no sense to change the thing you’re recognized by. Not only would it be a major inconsistency, but would also look unclean and change the “Roblox” part of the site.


Not sure how much sense that makes. Look at NewFissy or Coeptus; neither are wearing domini or whatever. One could argue that someone who doesn’t spend thousands of dollars on their outfit is just more fiscally responsible, not someone with a “worse opinion” or whatever you were trying to imply.


Yeah, probably. I thought of this idea, because I thought it would be cool to see my avatar with better lighting in a different pose, using a custom image.


Or let us edit the background of our profile picture, seems like a fair compromise.

Similar to @CloneTrooper1019’s profile picture.

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He didn’t edit it per se, he just equipped one of these


that does not seem like a fair compromise. that’s just a bit near useless, for most avatars, it’s just filling about 1 pixel of space.


Something similar to that though, would be great.

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Oh no man, that doesnt solve it at all. You see, people upload innapropriate things.

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I don’t see the point of any of this. In the end, this is a forum for talking about things related to development, not making fancy profile pictures.


It would prevent most of it. What was the last time you’ve seen an inappropriate picture on the main Roblox website? The last time I did was… never. But I don’t play that often so I could be missing something.

The chances of someone uploading an inappropriate decal to Roblox, bypassing moderation, going to the forum, and setting it as their profile picture are pretty slim, don’t you think? Having malicious intentions is one thing, but bypassing the (already strict, nevertheless kind of broken) moderation system is on an entirety other level.

But of course, it can happen. I feel the way it’s now is completely fine and should be kept. Wouldn’t bring any significant advantages.

I was thinking of allowing people to have custom background for their profile pictures, which would use this rule:

@Crazedbrick1 has a background because of those UGC items, but it basically depends on the DevForum avatar pictures not updating, but there’s plans to change that, so if that were the case, that essentially breaks that tecnic. (These backgrounds are like 80 Robux just for a background, it’s kind of stupid :confused:)