Custom Intellisense Documentation Comments

Roblox please consider this feature as it would definitely be a quality of life improvement for us scripters. I find myself writing little comments next to my methods in modules so that I have a sense of understanding about the function when I need to use it later on during development.
However, I’m still required to open the modules to find the specific method so I can read the comments. It would be extremely helpful to display these comments when accessing the methods from other scripts which allows for a smoother workflow.

Scripters please reply to this topic and like it in hopes to get the attention of an employee and hopefully get a response. Every reply counts!


Bumping this from a google search on how to do this in studio, I’m shocked its not a built in feature and sad to see its been requested for years with nothing happening!

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This is genuinely amazing and anyone who spends more than 5 minutes in studio doing code will all agree this is needed yesterday

However the one big reason this hasn’t been done is that there are so many ways to handle this (as shown by everyone putting down suggestions from already existing solutions, not mentioning the wide variety of ways to implement it that haven’t been suggested already)

I do hope this gets implemented though as it would certainly help my life out a lot across the board.


This would be so useful. I really hope Roblox mods see this. I can’t believe this topic has been unnoticed for 6 whole years! Maybe tagging one of their names using the @ sign will work.


this is actually in the works! I saw someone posting about a fast flag that roblox added about a month ago. I don’t recall what the fast flag is called, nor what the original post is called.