Custom Leaderboard

I would like to develop a custom leaderboard GUI. I just need help with the scripting part. So, should I use a local script to display the leaderboard? I need help with how I’m able to do it.


There are many tutorials on YouTube, google “roblox leaderboard tutorial”

If you’re referring to the leaderboard as in the PlayerList at the top right of the screen, then yes, a LocalScript would be responsible for updating the leaderboard since it would involve ScreenGuis.

I stumbled across a fantastic guide on the Developer Forum about this before, so I’ll be sure to link it here if I find it.

Edit: Although I didn’t find the Developer Forum post that I was looking for (I’ll continue looking), I did recall a YouTube tutorial about it from a while back which may provide some pointers toward your next steps:


i would do it on server script cause if u want to update it periodically in game it will be easier for the server to do this for everyone, also i think it would improve performance because the server will just have the leaderboard loaded for everyone joinning meaning they dont have to run additional scripts.

No, use a local script and everytime a player joins add him to the leaderboard

really depends if its a local or global leaderboard

Yea i thought he meant a local leaderboard