Custom Logo for my game

I am working on a game called “ROBLOX Wipeout” and I want feedbacks to know wich of the two above can look good on my game so I can choose it.

Nothing is decided yet, but I’m willing to use the 2014 unused one instead of the new logo.


It looks good, maybe consider having transparent holes. Also make sure to double check that you are following the rules of ROBLOX. There are rules against stuff similar to this and it might apply. I’ve never seen it actually enforced, but it’s better to be prepared.

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While the logo look alright I’m assuming its just a custom font you should clarify on what “wipeout” game your wanting/ to create since there’s already an existing game out on the platform thats similar to the name your choosing for it?

I’m assuming your allowed to use the Roblox logo you should read the community Guidelines It gives proper details and information if you are able to use the logo if it follows the questions mentioned in the guideline.

There was a thread about using the Roblox logo or brand logos you should do a quick search around the forum: