Custom LuaU Loadstring

Is there any LuaU custom loadstring modules? I want to be able to use +=, -=, and etc without error. Thank you.

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This should help:

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It’s Lua51 not LuaU and it not support “+=” “-=”

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I would look at Adonis’ source code. They have a module called FiOne that interprets and runs Lua code without the use of load string.

By the way, it’s Luau not LuaU :upside_down_face:

FiOne is outdated and old, i have a better one, remind me to send it in a few hours

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Ah, my bad. I don’t really use stuff like FiOne as I have no need to run Lua code post runtime. Had no idea it was outdated lol.

Ohh ok, my fault :skull:


If you want a custom loadstring that support ‘+=’, You will need to find Luau compiler and Luau bytecode interpreter.