Custom model animation stutters

This could be a tough one to solve because I have a custom humanoid. My animation for this model seems to keep shaking when I walk:

This has been happening since the beginning and I am just now jumping on it. I don’t see another post related to this, so it could just be something I’m doing wrong.

Don’t even know if the video works, it took me 30 minutes to figure out how to embed a link

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Hm. that’s weird, I’ve never experienced this issue with anything I’ve animated in the past, It could most likely be that the animations setting may have been messed up while you were making it somehow, but again like I said, I’m not really sure, If anything, Try to remake the animation, another possibility is that it could be something to do with the animation editor you used while making the animation.

Hope this helped!


I think that could be the “Hip height” of the humanoid. Maybe the HumanoidRootPart is colliding/frictioning with the ground

If you just place the custom character on the workspace, (not used by you and no animations) it remains perfectly static? or it moves a little like shaking?

If its not that, are you sure their parts are not collidable? maybe its colliding with itself parts

can you send a video of the animation in question???

robloxapp-20201217-2107242.wmv (325.7 KB)
My first thought was it was doing it after every loop, but after watching closely I realized it’s just randomly doing it.

Doesn’t seem to be moving. I can confirm all the parts are not-collidable. I have HipHeight way above the ground and it’s still doing it.

copy and paste the first animation key with the last then change the fps to something lower