Custom movement for a player in ragdoll

Hello! I just recently got a ragdoll script for a game I’m working on, I’ve had experience in creating custom player movement before and I’m trying to create a system where the player is in constant ragdoll but can still move around. Preferably using velocity.

Due to all of the players connected parts laying haphazardly around. It is pretty hard making a movement system for their primary part as it’s not set in a stock position. This is what I’ve managed and I want to make its WASD movement relative to the camera positioning as currently it only moves across the vectors. Although I’m unsure how to achieve that.

I’m wondering about creating a separate invisible part and making it the main movement controller, attaching the players ragdoll to it. Although, if there is an easier solution using their existing rootpart I would like to hear it.


Starter point anyway: maybe clone the player, and use the clone for the ragdoll, leaving the original player for handling movement.

Just weld the clone.


So, If I’m understanding you correctly, you are advising me to duplicate the model of the character and add the ragdoll constraints to it, making the original invisible and attaching the duplicated ragdoll model to the invisible character? That’s a really interesting idea. I will definitely try it out. Thanks.

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Exactly. I know :slight_smile:
Let me know how it goes and don’t forget to send some love with a ‘solution’ if that does it… Cause it should if done right :slight_smile:

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By detaching the character from their HumanoidRootPart they can still control their HumanoidRootPart and their body will remain detached. You can then move the ragdoll towards their HumanoidRootPart (perhaps using a constraint to make sure they don’t get too far from each other).
Note: Due to Roblox jump mechanics (idk why it works this way) the HumanoidRootPart gets accelerated away from their (feet??) and will send them flying if their root part is not connected. To fix this you can set their JumpPower to 0 and implement your own jump.


Aight, I’ve made alot of progress. However, the character moves really slowly and is glitchy. I’m attaching it with a weld to the humanoid root part and using collision service to prevent them from colliding. Also it doesnt let me move unless i jump first.


Try to use BodyMovers or the NewBodyMovers.

I’ve done it before, minus the ragdoll. There is always more than 1 way to skin a cat (Pardon the old expression)

Make sure youre removing any other components you don’t need from the clone (pretty much everything) and don’t straight up clone the player, try cloning the parts you need.