Custom name displays aren't replicating to client

I’m currently attempting to make custom display names, but the names would only be seen through the server, while the client sees no names at all. Any advice would be most appreciated.


--echoreaper's example that i'm using
function setupNames(char)
	local oldHead = char.Head
	local newHead = oldHead:Clone()
	local weld ="Weld", newHead)
	weld.Part0 = oldHead
	weld.Part1 = newHead
	oldHead.Transparency = 1
	newHead.Transparency = 0
	local dummyModel ="Model")
	local dummyHumanoid = char.Humanoid:Clone()

	char.Humanoid.NameDisplayDistance = 0
	dummyModel.Name = "test"
	dummyHumanoid.Parent = dummyModel
	newHead.Parent = dummyModel
	dummyModel.Parent = char


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This here. Get rid of it.


Make sure to read the Humanoid API reference page, because it has descriptions on these properties and how they affect characters. NameDisplayDistance affects the visibility of your name to others, as well as how far you can see another Humanoid’s name. Also be sure to check out DisplayDistanceType - specifically Viewer, which the Humanoid is set to.

Non-problem. The dummy model is being treated as a whole new assembly. Cloned and parented parts have no bearing on this.

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I don’t get why you need to hide names locally instead in server, you said

If all players cannot see the name, why not just hide them in the whole server?

That’s a description of the problem they’re facing, not what they’re trying to achieve. OP is trying to make custom name displays but they’re only seeing names via the server tab and not the client tab. The issue is not that names aren’t replicating, it’s that a property was wrongly used.

Oh my wrong :sweat_smile:

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Using billboard guis instead can make it look identical and it will also look a lot nicer and have more options in appearance

local Replicated_Storage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local BillBoard = Replicated_Storage:WaitForChild("BillboardGui") -- the BillBoard gui we will be using (file included)

function EquipBillboard(Character)
	local HumanoidRoot = Character.HumanoidRootPart
	Character.Humanoid.NameDisplayDistance = 0
	local BillBoardClone = BillBoard:Clone() -- clones the BillBoard
	BillBoardClone.NameText.Text = Character.Name -- sets the BillBoard's TextLabel's Text to the Character's name
	BillBoardClone.ExtentsOffsetWorldSpace =, 3.5, 0) -- moves the billboard gui upward so the name appears above the Character
	BillBoardClone.Parent = HumanoidRoot -- parents it to the characters humanoidrootpart
	-- using humanoidrootpart for the billboard gui is prefered as it will not wobble when a player walks

	Player.CharacterAdded:Connect(EquipBillboard) -- equips the billboard gui whenever they spawn/respawn


you can tweak with the billboard gui to make it look more like default, or you could change it up

BIllBoardGui.rbxm (2.7 KB)

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