Custom non-terrain grass that doesnt cause lag?

Hey guys!
Today i was thinking about making my savanna map better, since it looks dead and too plain.

I was thinking about adding grass to the map, since my map doesn’t use the built in terrain tool in studio, the grass would cause massive lag because of rendering, is there anyway to add simple grass to my map, without causing massive fps lag?
I was thinking about a render limit system, but first, it would look bad on the savanna map, since its a open field with alot of grass, and second is that i don’t know how can i do that

Any help appreciated!

You could add a green part and go to textures and select grass…

Perhaps my answer will be unhelpful. But personally I would make the grass an image with an alpha channel. By the way, I saw such a solution to the problem in other developers and it looked not bad

Sorry for the super late reply, the grass texture would look horrible in my game, i kinda want it to make arcade like, and the grass texture would kinda ruin it all

How can i make an alpha channel? And if possible can you show me how the result looks like?