Custom Notifications Plugin


Custom Notifications Plugin

Hey Everyone,
I am excited to introduce my first plugin, Custom Notifications.
This plugin will allow you to effectively and easily add custom notifications into your games and have them trigger whenever you please.

This plugin doesn’t require too much scripting experience, but if you’d like to make more advanced notifications, I’d advise you learn some basics.

You can get it here if you’d like to follow along.

- What does this plugin contain?

This plugin contains all the essentials you will need to make custom notifications!


  • Notification Module
  • Notification GUI
  • Notification Presets

- Notification Module
The notification module contains a function that can be called on the server to send a notification to the player. Calling the function will be explained later in the post.

- Notification GUI
This plugin contains a default notification GUI that displays a image, title, description and displays a moving bar to show the remaining duration of the pop-up.

It is not recommended you change the UI Completely unless you know how to change the Manager script within the ScreenGUI

- Notification Presets
If you are unfamiliar with scripting, don’t worry! This plugin contains multiple presets that are built into the plugin’s UI. You can easily insert a preset by the click of a button (Will explain later.)

- How can I use this plugin?

It is very easy to use this plugin, here is a step by step guide on how to use the built-in notification presets.

  1. Open Up the Plugin, the plugin’s icon is the plugin’s logo on the marketplace. Once you opened it, you will see a screen. Press ‘Okay’ to insert the needed scripts, events and UI.

  2. Now it is time for the fun part, making our notification!
    You will be met with this screen. You can now customize your notification to your liking. By changing the name, description, image, sound, and duration. You can click ‘Preview Notification’ to see a example of your notification. Press ‘Confirm’ When you are ready to continue.

  3. You will now have to select a preset. Simply press one of the presets and it’s scripts and events will be inserted. At the moment there are 2 Presets but there will be more in the future.
    Your notification is now ready! Head into game to test it out!

Are the given presets not your thing? No worries! There is a module that will allow you to call Notifications on the server to certain players! Here is how,

  1. Open the plugin and select ‘Okay’, to insert the module to the game. You do not need to worry about customizing the notification from the plugin, so you can close the plugin for now.

  2. If everything worked correctly a module script by the name, “NotificationModule” should be in replicated storage. Now how do we make our notifications? For an example I will be recreating the Player Joined preset.

  3. First, require the module from a server script. Remember, the module is in ReplicatedStorage

local module = require(game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("NotificationModule"))
  1. Now lets use the PlayerAdded event from the player’s service to detect when a player joins.
--We will call our notification function from the module here.
  1. Now lets call the NotifyPlayer function from our module. The function takes in 6 parameters in this order.

-Player - Player Instance,
-ImageID - Int Value (Image asset ID)
-Title - String (ex. “Hello World”)
-Description - String
-Duration - Int value (Seconds the notification lasts for)
-SoundID - Int Value (Soundasset ID)

Now, if you followed the steps correctly, the whole script should look like this.

local module = require(game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("NotificationModule"))

	module.NotifyPlayer(player, 10993876141, "Welcome!", "Welcome to the game!", 8, 6501486918)

If you join the game you should see a notification in the bottom right that is customized to your liking.

- What's for the Future?

In the future I plan to add a lot more presets, such as ProximityPrompt notification, Certain Message in Chat notification or when a friend joins notification.

I appreciate you checking out the plugin, if you’d like to get it and begin making your own notifications you can buy it here for R$100.

Custom Notifications Plugin - R$100