Custom Part Sizes

Hi there how can I make a part bigger than the max of 2048,2048,2048?

I don’t think that’s possible. I don’t know if this will work but try a mesh?

Try union 2 part with size 2048,2048,2048, i’m not sure it will work.

Unfortunately, you cannot union two objects with the max size because unions also share the same limitation. The only option is to just have two parts that either aren’t unioned or just grouped.

No it doesn’t work sadly… Is there anyway to change the mass of the object instead?

It’s a planetary game with realistic orbits and theres a mass cap currently cause of part mass cap.

Do you use spheres as planets?

Yes I do + line forces to keep them in orbit and some Newtonian physics

You could replace them with Archimedes 3 a plugin used to make circle and arcs etc

I shall give this a go and tell you my results.

Alright, also make sure whatever script you use stimulate orbits works with group because you’re gonna need them with archimedes

Yeah I don’t think this will work I either need to make custom part masses or bypass part size limit.

You can’t make the actual part bigger, but you can use meshes.

Insert a SpecialMesh into the part, change the MeshType into Sphere (in your case), and change the scale to whatever you desire.

The downside of this is that the mesh won’t have collisions, only the part will.


Thanks man your a litteral life saver.