Custom Player List doesn't show anything

Hello, I’m currently trying to make my own player list, I haven’t run to an error, but an issue.

For some reason, the UI does not show anything, I tried doing it differently, but still get no output.



Project File:
customPlayerList.rbxl (57.2 KB)

Help is appreciated!


I’m looking into this now, give me 5 minutes.

I might fix it but…

Let me take a moment.

The script will be here any-time-soon.

I’m fixing your player list right now. I’ll let you know when it’s finished.

I fixed your player list. It should work correctly and I also fixed other issues. The reason why it wasn’t working because you can’t get the player variable in a local script in PlayerAdded or PlayerRemoving (Unless you use GetPlayers). You also used the player variable instead of the UserId in GetUserThumbnailAsync. I don’t know why it didn’t print any errors.
customPlayerList.rbxl (57.2 KB)

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