Custom Player List (Vanilla)

I have created a resource that creates a replica of the default ROBLOX player list. I was trying to find a leaderboard system that could incorporate custom functionality. Since it’s very basic, I am deciding to release it here. Keep in mind, it may not be the best choice for mobile, it does not support teams or leaderstats yet. I made basic example scripts to showcase the module usage.

Blocked / Friend icons take priority over all rank icons.
All default ranks are included, such as, game creator, ROBLOX Staff, ROBLOX Interns, Star Program, and Premium users. I included functionality to add your own custom rank icons as well, if you can figure out how to use this mess of a resource.

Keep in mind, I am not a new developer, but I have not created public resources, so this may not be the best lmao

Basic added functionality screenshot:

customPlayerList.rbxm (24.4 KB)


So cool player list, Can u make a kick or ban button in the player list?


I really wish it was possible to just do this with the default player list. Doesnt even seem that hard to add an extra button to the context menu when clicking a player. Why is this not a thing yet? Great resource though

Really nice resource that might be useful in the future. Thanks for sharing this!

Yes, in the example server and local script, I included examples of how to check group ranks, create custom buttons for specific users, and how to handle input from the buttons.

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Also u can add colored names if the player in group and ranked in the group

That will be an amazing idea to add!

Found a bug:
When I close the player list and I opened a profile before. It will keep up not close
When I click on it again.
It does not close the profile sometimes