Custom presets to show/hide items in Properties window

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to create presets for the properties window to show certain properties that Developers use repeatedly and hide certain properties that Developers don’t use.

My Proposal

Give us developers the ability to create presets in the properties window to hide certain properties that will suit our comfort and development environment.

Default Properties Window


Properties Window with Presets

(There was a minor glitch in the photo editing, but the idea is there)
Notice how there are fewer properties (which makes the window look much cleaner) and the presets tab at the bottom of the window.

If Roblox were to implement this, it would improve my development experience by allowing me to have a suited development environment. It would save me a lot of time to see properties that I work with the most than to see a long list of properties that I have never used/found a significant functionality.