Universal animations not syncing properly on similar custom r15 rigs.

This is the same animation, with the same keyframe data converted onto another one of my custom r15 rigs in my upcoming roblox game.

As you can see in the two videos supplied one of them plays the animation correctly, whilst the other not so.

The animation was animated on a default r15 roblox rig and as you can see it converted fine with one of the girls.

There are 16 other characters in my game, each has a custom r15 rig. Out of all 16, only 7 sync animations properly.

If anyone has encountered the same issue before, please let me know!

i found the solution, it occurs when the character model’s scale property is above 1 and the higher it is the more messed up/deformed the animation becomes. to fix it i just ungroup the character model then re-group it, that’s all i had to do

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