Custom R15 Rig With Layered Clothing Issue

  • What are you attempting to achieve? (Keep it simple and clear)
    I am attempting to make multiple realistic characters for my horror game using Roblox’s blank Rthro dummy called “MrGrey” as a base. I want the characters to be able to wear realistic Layered Clothing from the marketplace, as I dont think it would work with classic T-Shirts & Pants.

  • What is the issue?
    Following the Caging tutorials from Roblox’s Documentation, yet attempting to fit a layered pants accessory from the marketplace onto the rig (which I already caged) results in No Discernable (Recognizable) Deformation to the accessory. Please note that I’m using Roblox’s Supplied Mesh Cage.

    The Image above shows how the pants accessory doesn’t deform around the rig.

    The Images above shows the Roblox supplied cage mesh over my rig and my setup in Blender.

  • What solutions have you tried so far?
    Originally I tried duplicating and resizing each body part in Blender to fit over the original rig in order to make a cage mesh. Importing the finished model to Studio resulted in a WrapTarget Instance inside each body part, yet attempting to fit the pants accessory on the rig resulted in no deformation to the pants accessory. After this I realized I was supposed to use Roblox’s Cage Mesh to stretch over the character (I’m using that now), yet I had same the result in studio. Since I’ve never really done anything with layered clothing I’m really out of my comfort zone with this problem. I tried finding a solution on the Developer Forums, but none of the problems really matched mine, except for this one. However, this post doesn’t propose any real solution for my scenario.

Sorry if I sound inexperienced, any help is really appreciated! :+1:


Ok so I think I found the solution to my problem since it seems I’m doing nothing wrong. During the process of fitting the cage mesh over my model, without thinking I deleted some of the vertices for convenience (which is something Roblox has said not to do.) I will update this thread once I have recaged my model and re attempt fitting an accesory in Studio.

12/25/23 Edit: I am extremely happy to report that the problem has been solved!

To anybody following my steps, make sure you meticulously follow Roblox’s Character Specifications

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