Custom R6 walk animation suddenly stopping

Working on a R6 custom walk animation.

Though it works for a bit at the start, it suddenly stops, and the player walks without an animation, gliding. It starts working again once you stop walking and start again. Initially, I assumed there was extra frames at the end of the animation, but nope.

Maybe it’s the script, so here it is

		Character.Animate.walk.WalkAnim.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://12842810949"

I think the animation might need to be set to looped. If that causes other problems, you can try to set the Animation Priority to movement.

Why don’t you just manually grab the animate script and set the animation manually on starter character scripts? After that make sure your animation priority is Core+ and the last keyframe has its name set to “End” IIRC

Looped it and it works, thank you so much!

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