Custom Render System

Here are my questions

  • How do I force render objects on the Client.
  • How do I go about chunking the game automatically?
  • And, I would just like any other info you could provide me with on rendering systems.


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what do you mean by “force render” and “chunking”

So, you know how in Roblox you can turn your graphics up/down, I’m looking to essentially remake the entire graphics system (render system). Force render means to force the client to load the object. And chunking means to place everything into chunks.

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So you intend to make a software renderer?
In that case I suggest looking into perspective mathematics and research how graphics work under the hood in modern programs: look at OpenGL, DirectX 3D etc. I guess it’s possible if you use GUI elements as separate pixels to draw your scene on, though I doubt it would be performance efficient in lua unless the resolution is very low and you have little going on in the scene.
Still not sure what you mean by chunks.

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I’m trying to render in a way similar to Minecraft. Rendering “chunks”. An example of a chunk is 100 studs in every direction.

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You can achieve this by splitting your map into folders on the client side.
Then you can determine the character’s distance from each chunk at a regular interval, and move each chunk in and out of workspace depending on whether it needs to be rendered.

Thank you! Now I’m going to see if there is a way to automatically split the map on gameload.

Sorry to bump it, but, it has come time for me to make this, and I still am not sure how.

what are you unsure of specifically?