Custom Rig Animation not working

So I was working on an RPG game character models and just finished rigging and animating my test model, the problem is that when I’m in test play mode, the animations don’t play, my model stays frigid.
All of my models have exactly 6 joints (hands and horns are welds, not joints.) except Fairy with 2 extra joins (both wings) and Goblin with 2 extra joints (both ears)

Is there a way to make the animation play that I haven’t done? Sorry if this question sounds stupid. :sweat:

NOTE: Sorry if this is the wrong category, I couldn’t find a better fitting one, please don’t take this post down.

The animations must be published to Roblox via animation editor by the owner of the game. That’s the most common mistake.

I assume the animations work in the editor? In the editor, you can check to make sure only the rig has animation tracks. Sometimes the parts to too, but the data is empty. This will break animations on game, but not in the editor.


oH, so that’s what it was, oops.
My friend was the one publishing the animations to my game so that’s why they didn’t work.

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