Custom rig importing with Avatar Importer is broken in recent update (causes floating eyes?)

Can’t really post in bug reports but I hope this category can help instead.

So ever since the new update came out (I assume) every time I upload my custom rig, the eyes will float in front of the character instead of being in their desired place. This happens even if I import older files that worked before, so it is safe to assume it is a problem with the new update.

Expected behavior (I uploaded this literally yesterday/2 days ago):

Actual behavior (The same exact file, but imported today):

Even more odd is the fact that if I make armor this doesn’t happen. (it is made the same way as the eyes. Aka duplicating vertices on the body mesh, separating them to be a different object, then editing them as I see fit)
I’ve tried deleting the eyes and remaking them again, I’ve tried messing with the fbx export settings. The only improvement I achieved was that the eyes were floating just a bit closer to the character.

I know not many developers use mesh deformation, but if anyone has any experience then please help.

I had a similar problem. I import the rig, and it looks fine, but when I regroup it and import an animation, it deforms massively.


I’ve had this happen too. My rig seemed to massively stretch.

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Just to clarify, my issue was probably not related as when i posted this it was at the time when skinned meshes just came out. The importer has been updated dozens of times since then. Your issue seems to be a mismatch in scale of the animation and rig.

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