Custom round system rating

Players spawn in team with a small cutscene with them going to the scene, they have to collect guns, medkits etc and try to kill the other team
Last team wins
[resources can be used to craft ammo, Knifes to open locked doors]


It sounds like a pretty cool concept, but my question is whether or not you have a background or plot behind this concept yet?

Wdym concept? It’s inspired by The last of us remastered PvP mode

Oh, sorry. I was thinking you were doing more a story plot kind of thing (similar to the last of us) and not just PvP.

The game is a story game, but it has a PvP mode.
More info

Could you expand on this thread more? It’s not exactly clear what you’re trying to convey either through the title or the thread’s content. If these are just game ideas, then there’s two things about it: it’s not a significant thread and should not have been posted without deeper fleshing into your concept, and the concept is too rudimentary, it won’t stand out from a standard team deathmatch game.

I am not good at describing stuff… I just write a simple answer or just keep desc “-desc not done-” forever