Custom run animations not speeding up when the Walkspeed is increased

I am creating animations for my friends game and I put them in an animate script. I then increased my walk speed but it did not affect the animation at all and it simply stayed the same speed. How should I fix this?

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Just increase the animation speed when you increase the walk speed.

I would do get newwalkspeed/previous walkspeed
Then multiply that by current anim speed.
use AnimationTrack:AdjustSpeed

Where should I put this?


What i said.

When you increase the walkspeed.

What about when I play the game, I won’t be able to change it when I’m playing the official game?

I’m really confused on what you’re trying to say.


(set humanoid.Walkspeed to whatever)
Up the animation speed.



Oh my good lord jesus.

Dude if you don’t know how then you need to go study coding some more.
Is this a free script?

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Dude sorry that I’m not a good coder

and Ja is is technically a freer script, but it’s made aus Roblox.

never mind.

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