Custom SCP-173 Model

Little SCP-173 model for a SCP game im working with my friend @zflexxup.
This was extremely fun to work with, along with my friend who helped me with the rigging of the model.


Can someone give some feedback?


30 letters suck eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

that is not scp-173 not even close to it its pcs-371
I do understand it says “custom” but in my case custom is just the model of the scp-173 but as we know scp-173 doesnt have any animation att all.

its based off pathos, a completely new model, did u ever check out the 173 concept contest in the official scp wiki? theres many designs that dont even look like 173 at all

oh ok that makes sense yea i didnt check them because not interested in scps its just a theory

its quite good, personally i think you should make the fingers on his hand twitch or something to add a bit more detail

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That’s not SCP-173. That looks more like SCP-096.


I mean scp 096 isnt made of concrete

it looks really good. maybe add some more twitchy/concretey movements idk

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe there was a bit of controversy regarding 173’s artwork, specifically the original artist who made it requested that people no longer use it for purposes relating to the SCP Genre in general.


This basically means people can’t put it in their game, and then subsequently flood it with gamepasses for example. Would anything happen? Likely not, but in theory it’d be illegal and could have consequences. You can create your own “version” of 173, but you couldn’t just directly rip the original art anymore since you could get in huge trouble.

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