Custom seat animation being overridden by default

Evening folks, I’m attempting to get a custom seat anim to work, and the default sit animation is messing it up quite a bit. This is my code so far:

local sitAnim = 14689300896 -- make this your animation!
local seat = script.Parent --Link this to the seat
local playingAnim 

local newAnim ='Animation')
newAnim.AnimationId = 'rbxassetid://'..sitAnim

	if property == 'Occupant' then
		local occupant = seat.Occupant
		if not occupant then if playingAnim then playingAnim:Stop() return end end
		playingAnim = occupant:LoadAnimation(newAnim)
		playingAnim.Priority = "Idle" -- maybe this will fix
		playingAnim.Looped = true -- maybe this will fix

and it mostly works, however as stated before, the default animation isn’t going away. The animation itself is set to idle and looped, but I tried it with the script anyway. Any ideas?

What’s happening

What’s meant to happen

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Try setting playingAnim.Priority to “Action”. “Action” is the highest form of priority for animations, and should therefore override the normal seating one.

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Already tried that, hasn’t made a difference unfortunately. Just tried it again to no effect.

Im no good scripter here, but i heard you can ask chat gpt to tell you the errors you can try that.

I believe you can set an animation track’s weight with track:AdjustWeight(weight). Try doing that, setting it to a higher number, like 20. If not, then make the animation key frame all limbs into that required position.

Hope this helps

Instead of a string, try using Enum.AnimationPriority.

Set the Priority to Action4 (the highest)

playingAnim.Priority = Enum.AnimationPriority.Action4

Do you have any keyframe on both legs? if not try at least insert one animation keyframe

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This is the only method that worked, Thank you!


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