Custom shapes for UI

As a Roblox developer, it is difficult to add shapes such as circles, triangles and capsules to my UI, because I would need to do this with images, which means there will be seams and aliasing.

I want to add these kind of shapes to my UI because it would make it look more appealing to players than just having boxes as shapes, yet if I were to make images for these shapes, they would be hard to edit because I would need to edit the image and re-upload it.

It would be great if these could also support ClipsDescendants properly, so for a circle shape, any object inside a circle shape would not exceed the circular border of that shape.

If Roblox were able to address this request, it would make the creation of UI with complex shapes easier.


Would it not work to use an ImageLabel as the background and set the image to an image of the shape you want?


There are hundreds of features they can consider for inclusion on the platform. None of them take less than a week to do (particularly if you consider the amount of testing required – they support a huge variety of hardware).

This just isn’t prioritized. If you provide your use case, it helps give management a reason to prioritize a feature (more so if several people request it with several distinct use cases).


Then there is that issue of quality of the image and why should i load everytime the images a server starts rather than having it by default in robloxs engine

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Images also love loading slowly/not at all some times.


Exactly. So why bothering to load just a circle shape image where there mightve been already a frame of that included in roblox studios api.


Basicaly, there would be a high amount of reusability of that feature amd will save a lot of te for developers. No doupts.

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Regarding clipping limitations, this has been discussed a lot and there are staff responses on it. For now it looks like you’ll just need to wait.

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What about my actual topic? Resizable circlw frames with their radius and stuff or resizable triangle frames etc?

The technical problems your thread runs into are the same technical problems from that thread. You will need to wait until Roblox can handle more complex GUI clipping situations.

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Please follow the feature request format:


  • You are not going to get an “explanation” for why a feature is not implemented yet. The explanation is always either of the two: it is blocked by other work, or other features have taken priority because it is deemed that those provide more value to developers. The “explanation” is not useful to know, in either case it means you need to provide a better motivation for the feature because it lacks priority.

  • If a feature is not prioritized, it means it either is not actually important enough to have engineers assigned to it right now, or you didn’t make it clear enough through proper use cases (+ follow the format!) why it is that important.

think like this, if u wanna make a fan shape ring as a circular xp bar, you can’t rlly do that without custom shapes