Custom Site Theme

I’m currently working on a custom site theme. Here’s what I have so far.

Please feel free to leave suggestions. Or ideas/tipcs.

onoes i has competitions!!111

But really, it’s a good thing that someone who (probably) has better web design skills than me is doing this.

In the mean time, I’ll be using this dark theme that I made aaages ago:

How do you make a custom site theme?

Yours looks really good BTW. Maybe make it a little more colorful.

I was going to make a custom roblox theme, but I was holding off since roblox has been doing a lot of site changes.

My suggestions:
Lighten up the links on the top bar, they kind of blend.
If your going to split the name off then remove or re-apply the border to elements right side. Also remove the little separator
The bright blue border on the place titles feels out of place, i’d either go gray or tone it down some.
Blue border around the ‘upgrade now’ button doesn’t really add anything and isn’t really consistent with anything.

@Ethan you can make a custom theme with the Stylish Addon, you can also publish and download styles really easily at

Thanks for the feedback. I’m using Stylebot (Easier interface) :slight_smile: