Custom Skinned Rig slippery while walking

I have a custom dinosaur rig that has a problem while walking / running where it is slippery on the ground. This wasn’t an issue before about 2 weeks but now it started happening.

The HipHeight is set to 1.62 and everything except the root part has collisions disabled.

I tried changing the hipheight to something higher / lower, I tried changing the CollisionGroup to Normal but that didn’t work. However, if I add the rig to workspace while the game is running, the dinosaur starts moving forwards, but if I remove the humanoidrootpart then the dinosaur doesnt move forward by itself anymore.

Picture of the dinosaur’s instances:

A video of what is happening:

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You ever figure it out? I have a similar problem in my game for a npc gorilla.

Hello, yes I have. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll post (at least what worked for me) here.

So, for me the problem was that the Dinosaur Model’s scale wasn’t set to 1 because I had scaled it down. I had to reimport the dinosaur from blender and change the scale before exporting so I didn’t have to scale it down in Roblox, which fixed the rig from slipping. This is probably due to how the animations and rig were setup, because I have another dinosaur rig which I can scale down by 90% without it slipping while walking. Making sure the dinosaur’s scale (in roblox) is set to 1 should fix it tho.

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