Custom StarterCharacter from Mixamo not working

Hey! So I’ve been trying to get one of the mixamo models to be used by the actual player. So far I’ve been able to import the model and put it in the game. I renamed it to “StarterCharacter”, added a humanoid and deleted other things such as poses that I didn’t need.

After that, when I spawn in the game I’m able to glide around and jump as the custom model but it plays no animations other than gliding. I saw other posts saying it had something to do with the hip height but then I noticed the model had the root part around the feet. Changing the hip height just made the character float even higher in the air. So then, I added a new HumanoidRootPart around the torso to and motor6d’d it to the previous root part (all the bones were connected to the root part). I don’t understand why I did that but I read somewhere to do it.

So far all the character can do is glide, could anyone help?

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