Custom StarterCharacter

Hello everyone, i want something like the forager character with all the animations etc.

Now i have sort of same character self made but its bugging a lot. I have barriers around the grass to prevent let the character fall into the water.

is there someone who can help me with this or know how to fix this issue?
This is the current character


Did you set the PrimaryPart to the HumanoidRootPart?

The rootpart is the HumanoidRootPart so i think yes

Have you tried setting its root priority to 1? Maybe set its hipheight to something higher? You could also try setting the RigType to R6 or R15

Just want to preface this by saying this is super cool!

Anyways, can you show us how your code looks? Are you using a BodyVelocity with the humanoid? Are you using humanoid:Move(moveDirection: Vector3, relativeToCamera:bool)?

There’s a few more possibilities I can think of so if you could give us some code to work with that’d help a ton!


Thanks first of all but imma change the project because it will not even like roblox anymore, and a friend said that if it doesnt look like roblox anymore it will not get many visits etc

I would advise against worrying about visit counts. Roblox needs more unique games like this. Seriously, don’t worry so much about visit counts. Who knows, maybe you will be pleasantly surprised to see it blow up in visits.

I disagree. I have a Geometry Dash game that concurrents 10-20 players with 0 advertising whatsoever.

Yes and my goal is not 10-20 players man