Custom tags for catalog items and games



Today I was browsing through steam, and I noticed that games on there had custom tags, such as RPG, singleplayer Action, etc. I then came up with the idea that it could be applied and useful in roblox too. Giving creators and perhaps players the option to add custom tags to their stuff. Players will be able to search the catalog or game page based on popular tags or tags they search for.

This can benefit both the player and the creator. For the player it will be easier to find the game or clothing to their liking. The creator wont have to write a long list of “tags” anymore in their clothing description or clothing title.

Apart from this, at the top of the game/catalog page (or anywhere else) there can be a small list of most popular tags. This can boost certain games, and can also be transferred into a nice statistic to see what roblox players like the most.

Also I have noticed when looking in the catalog for a certain item, it can be difficult to find it. For example when I search “red”, the first 100 pages of the catalog will be the same item dubbed “RED RED RED RED RED RED”. This problem can be solved by the tag system, by creating a filter which doesn’t allow double tags.

##Issues and Solutions

Double Tags

As I previously mentioned, creators will try to make a lot of tags which are the same but just differently spelled.
E.G. red r3d RED ReD red_ xred
This can easily be solved by creating a filter for the tags which prevents these double tags and denies them.

Combining tags

Creators will try to fit multiple tags into one, changing “beautiful” and “computergames” into “beautifulcomputergames”.
This can be fixed by adding a max length of characters to tags, so that only small useful tags can be made

false tags

Creators will make false tags. What this means for example is that they will create a tag “summer” for a winter themed game. This can be fixed by allowing players to vote remove tags. To prevent bots from abusing this, roblox can make a captcha check appear when a player votes for ~3 tags in a short timespan


Support. This is something that should happen to find more high-quality items that don’t get much sight on the catalog.


Support, my other solution to false tags which also comes in to the solution of combining tags and Double tags. Which is to have limited amount of tags added. A bot system would be very inefficient because of this voting decision. As popular games would suffer the most as the genre tags are likely to be constantly removed and re-added.

Other than that the ideal of broadening the genre sounds promising.


I think the reason something like this hasn’t been implemented is because of botting and raiding.

A user who wants to compete with your game, or who just doesn’t like it in general, may bot your tags. For instance, if the game were like Phantom Forces, the bots might tag the game as “roleplay” which would hide it from searches and discourage users seeking an FPS from playing. Before anyone suggests ways to stop botting, it’s not easy (botters currently get past a signup captcha, verified email, IP floodcheck, and age check) and if you have to ask “Why don’t they do x simple thing?” it’s because x isn’t simple and won’t solve the issue. I encourage you all to read up on past threads concerning botting if you’re looking into ways to stop it.

A community figure may tell their followers to tag a game a certain way, whether it be a game they don’t like, or a request to tag their own game to their advantage. Groups used to be searchable by tags in their description, but almost every single one of the large groups tagged their group description with everything so they’d get more popularity. Searching was eventually tweaked to only look at the group name because of this abuse. While the descriptions were only controlled by the group owner, they could do something similar with game/item tags by telling their members to tag them a certain way.


What about a solution to that of email verification? Can bots still do that then?


the reason this hasn’t been implemented yet is because it’s a huge undertaking and it’s probly something they’re going to work on later

also check for old threads requesting this, there are multiple



Again, botting has been discussed to no end, so pretty much anything you might bring up has been discussed already and does not work.


Ah, got it. Didn’t see the verified email part.


Catalog is still unusable, and smaller games shouldn’t have to compete in searches with games that have their same title ten times in a row.

If clothing uploads required funcaptcha occasionally to upload and tag clothing and searches were based on tags and not names and descs this could save the roblox clothing marketplace