Custom typing effect inside of TextBox

Hello Developers!

I need help with a system to create an animated typing effect when typing inside of a TextBox.

Here is an example:

Any ideas and help are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Are you taking about the Textbox cursor moving smoothly? If so:

Maybe try messing around with CursorPosition within textboxes and use something like TweenService to make a smooth transition? (Haven’t tried it, but sounds like it could work)

P.S Wow that was the fastest heart I have ever gotten wow…


Haha. I tend to sit and watch and wait for about an hour after I post lol.

I will try that and get back to you. I didn’t even know about the CursorPosition property, so thank you!

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It has not worked, unfortunately. CursorPosition is tweenable (surprisingly) but does not animate the position. Any other ideas?

The only Idea I have is making a TextLabel into a TextBox, and making your own Cursor. It’s not too hard… But it will require using something like UserInputService to know when they type and what they typed, to change the Text within the label, or remove the last character etc… And will allow you to fully customize your whole system.

Roblox doesn’t really support changing the Cursor of Textboxes as I know, and I was hoping that CursorPosition would work for you.

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I just looked and that is the only other solution that I have found that might work. Thank you!

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If you have issues along the way, let me know! I have made a couple of these ‘custom textboxes’, and they weren’t too hard! I wish you luck and hopefully it works for you

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I do have one question: How did you get around the player pressing a GameProcessedEvent key? EX: “W”, “A”, “S”, “D”, etc.

Well so In my game this didn’t become an issue. But Movement was an issue. I just prevented them from walking and jumping by making their humanoid unwalkable unjumpable by making their current walk speed etc. to 0, when the mouse was active listening for input. I’m sure there is a better way but thats what I did.

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