Custom VR physics character failing to trigger automatic network ownership transfer

Hi, I’m working on a VR game that uses a custom physics based character. A few days ago some of my players were mentioning an inability to open doors, flip tables, and push buttons. the physics on these items were handled by automatic network ownership transfer.

it does have a humanoid to keep core scripts from throwing errors at it, but it’s almost entirely disabled.

I do have a reproduction place file, but I’d rather only share it with staff, as it contains my Custom character rig. (coded to work without a headset) (Or you can try it at this game. it does require a vr headset though…)

reproduction with it is simple, just… try to push open doors the grey doors. all of them should be openable. some of them won’t open because of this bug, despite all of them being identical.

Repro file:


Did you figure it out? I am kinda dealing with the same issues.

Never mind just set every parts network ownership to server and you’re good