Custom Zodiac Sign UI's?

So, over the past few days I’ve been working on a few different games about Zodiac signs (Around 12).

And I’ve scattered the internet for as much information for what I need to complete it, and so I did.
I completed revised the Capricorn Zodiac and maybe I could get some suggestions to add to my work.


I am not really into Zodiacs but this looks awesome!

Maybe try look into adding something like a daily reading, like you see in magazines. Obviously, you will have to find a way for it to add it automatically from somewhere like an external site instead of adding an individual one in everyday (I’m not a scripter so I am not sure if I am talking rubbish aha) but this is an awesome idea and I think it looks really easy on the eyes.


Thank you! :>

I will definitely look into or atleast try to get a daily prophet onto/into the game, if I can’t then I guess I can update it daily.

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That doesn’t even look like ROBLOX

That’s incredible! The UI itself feels like it’s from a different game! You did a really great job with this!

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