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Please note this free module is currently under development, you may experience bugs. If you do please report them to me via DevForum!

I present to you all, CustomChat V1. This is pretty much a bored creation, it’s pretty simple and can be modified easily if you know how to script.

Please ensure that you read the README ModuleScript that has been provided, this will show you where everything should go.




Roblox Model

:warning: WARNING :warning:

Removing the filtering from the scripts could lead to your game being removed or moderated.

Current Version: 1.0.3

Signed, RenderedPhysics.
CustomChat V1 Creator


So far looks great. I’ll do some bug testing and report my findings.


Bugs and Suggestions:

I have composed a list of some bugs and suggestions that I recommend you take onboard.


  • You should add UIS (UserInputService) as a way for players to send message. For example, if I click “/” on my keyboard, it highlights the chat window so I can straight away begin typing. Same with the “enter” key, I would much rather click the “Enter” key than move my mouse over to click the tick/send button

  • Another suggestion is lowering the cooldown, if you make a typo or typing error and want to immediately correct it, the cooldown prevents you. I would recommend creating a threshold system where you can only send 5’ish messages in quick succession before cooldown kicks in. If you don’t know how to do this, I’d be happy to help you.


  • I did not find many bugs in the system which is great, it shows that you have made it well. I did however, find at least one. If you spam the send button with either an empty message or a message with text multiple times with an autoclicker or by manually clicking very quickly, it breaks the chatbox. Essentially, if you spam the send button and then try and type a message you get the cooldown error which last for a very long time, not sure how long but certainly longer than 5 minutes.

Note: I found this line funny
if Player.Name == "RenderedPhysics" or Player.UserId == 3674967405 then


Bug Fixes - 1.0.1

Thank you for alerting me about this bug, I have managed to find a fix for this.

As of 07/07/2023 15:08 PM GMT, the module has been updated with the bug fix.


Bug Fixes - 1.0.2

As of 07/07/2023 15:37 PM GMT, the module has been updated with the bug fixes.

  • Interface scaling fixes.
  • Useless lines of code removed.
  • Improved cooldown.
  • Reduced error messages to ensure they don’t block the chat.
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System Update - 1.0.3

  • Added a custom tag system to the module, this can be access in the main script.
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Chat filtering is enabled in every game, and everybody knows that.
I think this should just say Click here or press '/' to chat like the original one. The rest of the UI looks acceptable though!

There shouldn’t be any backdoors in this module. If this is just to give the module owner a badge, it shouldn’t be hardcoded like this. It shoud be exposed in a module which the game creator can change.


The placeholder text has just been changed, and there are no backdoors within the scripts.

It’s simply just a script creator tag, this has been moved into the custom tags area accessed in the main script.

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