Customizable Home Page

As a Roblox user, the recent changes to the Home Page are jarring. As a developer, I see promise, but also despair. This feature request is a continuation of Revert the way games are displayed on your home page. Rather than simply reverting these changes, I’d like to seem these changes stay around, but have a radical change from the current iteration.

Currently, the Favorites sort has been pushed aggressively to the bottom of a stack of popular sorted games:

I believe there are 3 key changes that Need to be made to the home page from both the User Experience and Developer Experience.

1. Move Favorites Back to Visible

The first step to fixing the newest home page roll out is to move Favorites back to visible right off the bat as you hit the home page. Favorites should be displayed directly below Continue. If a user favorites a game, they want to see it. It should not be pushed away or hidden out of their immediate sight.

2. Allow users to choose sorts

Give users the ability to choose which sorts they want to see. I know that this has some format of an algorithm to define what should be shown to each user, but just because I play a game from one genre does not mean I enjoy nor want to see more from that genre. May I stopped into a game to chat with a friend, or maybe I was just testing something out. Giving users the ability to choose which sorts they want to see will allow them to always have the most curated content of their interest, as who knows the interest of the user better: Roblox or the User?

Give the users 3 spots to choose their favorite sort types that would go directly underneath Favorites. After that, Roblox should place 2-3 sorts that are of recommendation from their algorithm. Algorithm recommended content should always go below the content which the user has already selected that they want to see.

3. Finish the Sorts

Currently many of these sorts are barely fleshed out. Earlier today I had a “Racing” sort which only had 6 games. Hitting See All was meaningless, as all 6 were already seen on the home page. In the example image above, you can see Platformer only has 5 games, and yet there is that See All button again.
As well, while on Mobile, there were games in the sorts that weren’t playable from a mobile device. Why would you show a user a game they cannot play?

These sorts feel unfinished due to these two key components.

From a developer standpoint, I’d also like to see a way to submit games to be apart of certain sorts. These sorts feel like they’re bringing back Genres in a better way, something the community desperately wants. However, the community also needs a clear cut path to getting on those genres. These sorts should not be limited to only the Top x Games. Everyone should have an equal chance of making it.


Bring back Favorites.