CustomPhysicalProperties not affecting part


When changing each property under the CustomPhysicalProperties drop-down and testing in-game, they do not actually change the respected property of the part. For example changing the friction properties to a value which would previously make the player slide when on the part, will make no difference at all. This happens 100% of the time for myself. Ive had a friend try it also with the same experience. I’ve only noticed this bug from today, but not needed to use these properties in a couple months.


Is this for all custom physical properties? If that was the case then surely I’d have heard by now that my game is broken.

Can you provide a minimal file that reproduces the issue? Or detailed steps?


It looks like Custom Physical Property updates don’t wake parts. Can you try Anchoring and Unanchoring in your use-case and see if that helps?

(This is just as a repro, not an official workaround, I want to confirm what you are seeing is the bug I’m going to fix)


Studio updated for me since this and now it seems to work perfectly, strange


You sure? You might be getting lucky with it not going to sleep. Or you may have the Sleep setting disabled in Studio?


Yeah, haven’t touched studio since and now it works fine. I believe Sleep has remained on too


Well… I have a repro for my bug so I’ll fix it unless you specify a different one :stuck_out_tongue: