CustomTeams Documentation / API

Custom Teams - Documentation / API

API will be updated if there is anything added or removed!

Note: All the functions of this module must be called from a ServerScript.

- Module requirement

local _CustomTeams = require(7489478333)

- ___.DebugMessages

Optional. If true then sends debug messages. (Tip: Turning it off will be a good idea, since there are a lot of debug messages.)

___.DebugMessages = false; -- True by default.


Adds a new team. Needs a table with 2 information; Name, TeamColor.

local BlueTeam = -- Optional to set as a variable.
		["Name"] = "Blue";
		["TeamColor"] = Color3.fromRGB(0, 150, 255);

- ___:Insert(Player, Team)

Adds the player into the team given in the second argument.

    ___:Insert(player, "Blue")

- ___:Remove(Player)

Removes the player from the team they’re in.


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