CustomVIP - A module to handle custom VIP servers!

I don’t think you got my point correctly. Paid games such as Bloxburg will not allow you to create VIP servers through the actual Roblox website due to how ROBLOX has been set.

@TypicallyShadow made some good points, but I believe he forgot a very important thing. Private servers do not work between places inside a game, I cannot teleport a player in a private server to another dimension within the game unless is a public server if I use roblox’s default private server system. This is why this module is so helpful.

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Is there anyway you can make the GetServerInfo return just the vipservercode in string? It might be easier for developers who still haven’t completely understood tables yet. Also, why I tried to use JSONDecode and it returned nil.

	local vipinfo = customVIP.GetServerInfo(plr)
	local vipdata = HttpService:JSONDecode(vipinfo)

you don’t have to JSONDecode it since it is already a table

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So what would be the most efficient way for me to get the teleportcode from the table?